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ProSeed is a
Christian non-profit ...


Through the teachings
and calling God has ...


We work with our partners
around the globe to give ...


One of the simplest and most
meaningful ways to ...

Giving Hope Through Partnership



VISION: To Shape the Leaders of the Future Generations!


We are committed to giving hope through education by Building Schools in remote Villages in West Africa, awarding academic excellence, and promoting S.T.E.M. Education. We seek to promote excellence in education as part of a greater commitment to personal growth.

Learn more and take action with us today.

people behind a great cause

Ghislain is a native of the Ivory Coast, at 17 years old he had a vision about a journey and a goal that most would call an impossible dream. The son of school teacher parents and one of six children, Ghislain always knew the value of education, hardwork, and most importantly he recognized the role faith plays in his life. Read More...

Sabrina Dadie is the youngest of four children and a preacher's kid. As a young child she begin working in her father's church where the mission was “Reaching the least, the last, and the lost”. This foundation is what birthed her passion and heart for people and mission. Read More...

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Mission Statement: Giving Hope and Promoting Growth that Impacts Lives.

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what people are saying

"Love what y'all are doing! I just donated :purple_heart: Miss you Sabrina Dadie and God bless you and your husband for doing so much for those sweet children and their futures! Best Wishes!,,

Cortney Cavanaugh

"ABSOLUTELY looove this!!! An inspiration to ALL!,,

Ursula Markey